Dedicated to creating the financial habitat of the future

We work with partners and administrations to promote initiatives in the financial world which will transform the real estate portfolio and reduce energy dependence.

For a more sustainable and resilient habitat.

We see sustainability as a global challenge, motivating us to attain decarbonisation of cities by 2050, and we are tackling it as part of our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).

With this aim we encourage and promote the purchase of energy efficient homes and the rehabilitation of housing stock.

Our route to ESG (Environment, Social and Governance)

    • - Creation of Green Mortgages & Loans Project
    • - Members of the Energy Efficient Mortgages Label (EEMi) of the EMF (European Mortgage Federation).
      - Launch of first green mortgage in Spain.
    • - Agreement with Gloval and GBCe to promote sustainable finance.
      - Creation of the SUMA green mortgage for financing the purchase and energy rehabilitation of homes.
      - Launch of the NAR Green course (National Association of REALTORS®) in order to train real estate professionals in sustainability.


    • - Launch of the first green securitisation fund (RMBS Belem 1). STS, Sustainalytics label, the FEM's EEMi initiative in collaboration with the BEI.
      - Agreement with the Madrid Municipal Housing and Land Enterprise (EMVS) in order to contribute to the renovation of Madrid housing stock.
      - ISO 14001 Standard Certificate of Environmental Management System AENOR.
    • - Greenmociónate forum to encourage estate agents to become agents for change.
      - Launch of credits as a channel for renovation and refurbishment.
      - Affiliation to the H2020 AUNA initiative to promote decarbonisation and rehabilitation of buildings through accessible finance.
      - CESINE and Metros2 Mortgage Prize 2021 for our commitment to real estate sustainability through the Green Mortgage.
      - UCI, first business in the Iberian Peninsula to obtain the Efficient Energy Mortgage Label (EEML) issued by the European Mortgage Federation, attesting to compliance with the strictest environmental protection criteria.
      Creation of the Sustainability and RSC department.
      - Euronext Prize for Sustainable Financing awarded to RMBS Green Belem, the first issue of green vouchers in Portugal.
      Greemko Automation of the UCI carbon footprint assessment.
    • - “Engage for ESG Activation Investments”, a project coordinated by the European Data Warehouse and with the collaboration of UCI has received a grant of 128K€ from the European Executive Climate Agency.
      - Infrastructures and Environment (CINEA), within the framework of the LIFE programme ( CE).
      - Signature of a new agreement with the EIB (European Investment Bank) within the framework of Prado VIII in order to reform existing buildings in Spain and Portugal.
      - Coordination of the EML taxonomy working group.
      - Drafting of the first annual report on corporate sustainability.
      - Setting up strategic alliances to encourage decarbonisation in housing stock.
      - Concovi Prize for the best financial entity of the year.
      - The EIB, the European Commission has provided UCI with 2.6 M€ from the ELENA programme in order to mobilise 46.5 M€ to create energy efficient homes through the RER PLAN.
      - Development of the ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) control panel and sustainability action plan.
    • - Issue of RMBS Green Prado XI, the first Spanish RMBS Green operation.
      - Launch of a Green Finance Framework with Sustainalytics.
      - Undertaking with the EIB, FEI & ICO to facilitate investments.