Our teams, encouraging talent

We pay attention to people and all our lines of work illustrate this fact. Our employees are our greatest asset. Our clients are the reason for our purpose: ensuring responsible financing which will improve their lives by making their plans a reality. Our partners are our way of going further and doing better. Important people make up all our interest groups.

By and for people

People are always at the centre of our activity that is why "We support you" turns on relations with our main interest groups. Support for everyone in our business is the basis of our mission. Society advances, and as it does so, we progress as well. "Today for you, tomorrow for me-"

Our staff always come first. They provide the leverage for creating a sustainable business. We promote talent, employment and training that will enhance employability, encouraging diversity, equality and inclusion in the workforce and in short, making UCI a great place to work.

Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work, once again and for the third time

Our place of work is our home. The hours we spend there, our responsibilities and our colleagues are the reasons that we feel at home. In 2022, for the third year running we obtained Great Place to Work® certification, one of the most prestigious both national and international Human Resources awards.

Leadership School
We encourage responsible leadership through 8 key behaviours that focus on the role of leader, namely trust, team importance, feedback for development, co-creation for innovation and cross cutting work among other endeavours.

Diversidad e inclusión

Diversity and inclusion

Respect for diversity in any condition or personal or social circumstance, equal treatment and opportunities and promotion of inclusion in the workplace are the governing principles of every activity in a cross cutting manner; and these concepts are present in all policies, procedures and actions in the company’s human resources management.

Managing diversity is part of our corporate responsibility and we see it as an internal commitment to ensuring the inclusion of all our collaborators, and in this way it helps us to ensure that we have the right talent to fulfil the needs of our business. It also means a social commitment to our environment.

The client is always at the centre

  • Our clients' satisfaction
  • "Engage” clients
  • Principles of consumer protection
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Responsible and sustainable products

Our responsibility to the client defines our brand mission

  • At your side

    We are there for you whenever and wherever you want.

  • You choose

    Always choose what suits you best.

  • Responsible purchasing

    We explain everything so that you can make the right decision.

Protecting the client's interests

Consumer Protection is one of our essential functions. As a result, we have drawn up a Consumer Protection Policy. The aim is to establish specific criteria for identifying, ordering and exercising the principles of consumer protection in your relations with UCI.

We have established these specific criteria in order to control and supervise compliance with nine principles for client protection.

Our investment in society

Through our corporate activity and our social commitment, we support the groups identified in our "we support you" programme.
The programme turns on 4 main principles:
1. Educating young people, with special emphasis on financial education.
2. Inclusion of intellectually disadvantaged persons through our "cool initiatives."
3. Residential inclusion for vulnerable groups
4. Donations in the event of global and/or health emergencies in countries where UCI has a presence.

Professionalisation of the Real Estate sector

Ethics, training and innovation are the underlying principles for promoting professionalism in the real estate sector. Right from the start, we have enjoyed the support of real estate professionals on this journey. Through them we have connected with people and with over 188,134 homes. They are the key to developing and evolving our commercial model. We currently collaborate with over 2000 real estate agents.
With this aim, SIRA (Spanish International Realty Alliance) was founded (PIRA in Portugal) for training leaders of industry.

Membership of SIRA and PIRA guarantees of real estate ethics

Spanish/Portuguese International Realty Alliance are the affiliations in Spain and Portugal for obtaining International Realtor Membership, and becoming part of the National Association of Realtors® in USA (commonly known as NAR) which marks out market professionals from the rest of the realtors in the business, and it is proof that they exercise their profession guided by a Code of Ethics that exemplifies their commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and transparency in the real estate business. SIRA members can make use of the Realtor® trademark which is one of the most prestigious of its kind in the world.