Committed to those well-versed in homes and housing

As real estate agents you are capable of changing your clients’ lives. We develop the business through a specialist commercial network, with professionals who are essential for us to achieve our aim. Through you we offer expert financing with tailor made products and services adjusted to the needs of your clients.

Over 30 years providing support to you and your clients. We integrate the offer of finance in your services.

A shared business model that enables you to provide your clients with solid and customised financial products and services. And more importantly, doing so in the knowledge that you are secure and well informed thanks to continuous controls of operations and transactions in real time.

Ensuring responsibility and transparency in one of the most important and vital projects for your clients.

With the backing of an expert partner and a well-established company that provides support in a 360° service for your business, including management, information, property marketing, financial viability, financial offers , valuations and other products.

We develop a vital business together.

Many of your clients will need finance. We complete your business with expert and comprehensive collaboration namely, homes + finance.

  • A 360º business

    We offer finance to your clients as an integrated part of your business and provide all the services needed in financing operations.

  • We have a plan

    Every year we draw up a joint business plan. We propose agreements that will benefit both you and your clients.

  • Lifetime solutions

    Financial solutions adapted to your clients throughout their lives, with financial experts from start to finish.


Communication, transparency and security in your hands

We offer traceability, contact and information in real time. Closely monitor your clients’ finance and projects. We are right alongside you.

Accessibility 24/7 anytime and any place.


What are the latest market trends?

Gauge the feeling in the professional property market.
Be part of the property barometer in order to be the first to receive the report on results and access exclusive and customised data.
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    The data you need

    Access the latest data in the sector, albeit general or detailed, depending on your preferences from your private area if you are a panellist.
  • Methodology

    Reconstructed responses based on the data obtained through the application of Typeform surveys with the help of SAS statistical software.
  • The top professionals

    Over 2,225 real estate professionals participate as panellists in this study.
  • Practical and reliable

    Don’t wait 3 months to find out what has happened. With the Barometer you will have information in real time about the current situation and the near future.

Training and development in the service of professionals

We are united by a common purpose. Improving a profession that has a positive impact on our clients' plans and projects.

  • Real Estate Magazine

    The first publication dedicated exclusively to estate agents.

  • Inmocionate

    The biggest event in the Spanish speaking property world

At UCI, growing together is rewarding

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