We want you to feel at home in our house.

The financial remuneration is the money we receive for our work. We all know that it is important but... is it enough to create a good life plan?

We know what we think. Our employees enjoy their work and develop their skills because they are in the right place to grow, both personally and professionally.

Behind a committed company you will find committed people

Employees on our payroll
Training hours
Un gran espacio de formación

A great place for training

Aprendizándome is a company initiative designed to ensure that everyone can access the training at hand and draw up a plan for personal growth.

We provide a platform where you can train in the requisite matters of compliance and cyber security and more than 15 other subjects that cover all the areas of interest to the company, encouraging talent that will move and spread to all our departments.

Estamos conectados

We are connected

We are always keen on communicating. We welcome open dialogue, and active listening is key to the growth of our culture. An increasing number of channels serve to give a voice to everyone and ensure that everybody's opinion counts.

Virtual breakfasts with the General Management, HUB Chats, our corporate social network, our digital magazine "El Batido" and events that shape our culture. UCI WAY and UCIDAY.

A house where we explain everything

Interviews and the subsequent steps involved are always times of uncertainty. We will explain everything that you want to know, at any time. Do any of our offers suit you? If you decide to contact us, this is what will happen from the moment you send us your cv.


We are a place to learn and grow

UCI is not a museum piece where you must not touch anything or make any changes. Life is all about change, learning, transformation... This is why we love to have people learning along with us, who bring freshness, new ways of thinking, but above all who want to propose , create and change.

  • 1

    We receive your CV

    We check out your CV and compare it with all the profiles of people registered with us and we select those that we believe will fit best with the job we have in mind.

  • 2

    We talk

    We talk to you, to find out why you are interested, and how you can collaborate with us. Tell us more about yourself and get to know us with a phone call.

  • 3

    We get to know each other

    We sit down to get to know each other in person. We will explain who we are and what we are looking for. Tell us how you are, what you are looking for and what motivated you to join us.

  • 4

    Meet your department head

    It is time to get to know the head of department and for you to show us why you should be part of their team. Sometimes you may be asked to take a specific test in this regard.

  • 5


    You have completed the process. Once we have made a decision we will let you know at the earliest opportunity. Whatever our decision, we want you to know that we were delighted to meet you and that from hereon, there will be further opportunities to contact you again should you wish.

In this house where you are the main concern

  • icon_lifeinsuranceemployers
    Life insurance for staff
  • Cheque book of luncheon vouchers
  • Special conditions for your mortgage
  • icon_leavedays
    Possibility of 15 days leave without salary
  • icon_flexibleschedule
    Flexible working hours
  • 29 business days holiday available
  • Childcare vouchers for your children
  • Christmas hamper gift
  • 16 days for breast feeding
  • Special conditions for staff medical insurance
  • icon_moving
    Authorisation for a paid day off for moving house
  • Possibility of personal interest-free loan