Sustainable and responsible finance

We began the path to becoming a sustainable company in 2016. Our first undertaking was to define green mortgages and signing up to the Energy Efficient Mortgage seal (EEM), linked to energy efficiency.

Since then we have continued to seek the most appropriate alliances and agreements in order finance rehabilitation of the housing stock and contribute to effectively achieve decarbonisation.

Our mortgages are greener than green

We are the first financial institution in the Iberian Peninsula to be affiliated with the Energy Efficient Mortgage Label (EEML).

This seal is proof that our green mortgages and sustainable finance solutions fulfil the strictest criteria of care for the environment, which means a big plus for transparency and authenticity.

Una iniciativa europea

A European initiative

An enterprise initiated by the European Mortgage Federation (EMF) and the European Covered Bond, this label is a joint project in the industry and is part of the biggest energy efficient mortgage initiative financed by Horizon 2020, which is designed to mobilise capital markets and implement ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) best practices in the financial sector, in support of the goals of the EU Renovation Wave and Green Pact Strategy.
Implementation of this label enables green credits to be identified in a transparent manner, in this way channelling private capital towards the improved energy efficiency of real estate for sustainable building.

Plantilla de Divulgación Armonizada

Traceability of our green mortgages with the Harmonised Disclosure Template

You can find all the information on the age of buildings and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of our mortgages thanks to the Harmonised Disclosure Template.

Find out more about the Energy Efficiency Mortgage Label /EEML).

Plan RER

RER Plan

Residential Energy Rehabilitation Plan (RER). In May 2022, at UCI we signed an agreement with the European Investment Bank by means of which, with funds from the ELENA (European Local Energy Assistance Facility) programme, a joint initiative of the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Commission, we have set up the RER Plan.

This project concerns decarbonisation of the Spanish housing stock, focusing in particular on the cities of Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville.

Sustainable financing

At UCI we offer our clients incentives to buy homes with high energy efficiency or to improve the energy efficiency of their home, with the clear aim of reducing pollution.

We present our sustainable finance

  • Vive Green

    The mortgage that benefits everyone. Buy a new home with energy efficiency A. Ask our commercial team about the Green finance conditions.

  • Suma Green

    Purchase + Reform in a single loan. Improve energy efficiency by 30% and access our Green finance.

  • Crea Green

    Self-build Mortgage. Finance and build your own house to your own specifications, making the most of our Green finance advantages.

  • our_agencies

    Rehabita loan

    A loan for communities of proprietors. Rehabilitate your building, making it more efficient. Make the most of the NEXT GEN grants now.

We encourage decarbonisation of the housing stock

  • As part of our contribution to sustainability of the planet and decarbonisation of cities, we have created strategic alliances that will contribute to improving efficiency of the housing stock:

    At UCI we want to be an agent for training and driving the real estate sector, the renovators and restorers/builders with a commitment to improving energy efficiency. As a result, in 2019 we introduced the Green Designation of the National Association of REALTORS® to our training catalogue, which enables estate agents to become experts in sustainable housing.
    We look to a future that will be characterised by sustainable buildings and homes, a challenge that we have already applied to our own main office where we have implemented an environmental management system and policy according to the ISO 14001 standard: 2015, which enables us to control and influence activities that will have the most impact, along with compliance with legal requirements and those deriving from our interest groups.

  • In 2020 we launched the RBMS Green Belém No.1 fund for investment in high energy efficiency assets with a total volume of 400 million euros. This was implemented in an agreement with Sustainalytics for the creation of a "green" brand, while at the same time complying with Green Bond Principles for financing private investments to combat climate change.

    The EIV and Union de Créditos Inmobiliarios joined forces to promote energy efficient real estate projects in Spain and Portugal. An agreement was duly signed in 2020 and it will enable UCI to create a new Sustainable finance portfolio in the Iberian Peninsula.

    Download Sustainalytics Second-Party Opinion Document (PDF)
    Download Green Finance Framework (PDF)

    To qualify for one of our green mortgages, you will need to fulfil the following conditions:
    New build EPC A – from 2020 or EPC B – from 2020 to 2022. Provided that you comply with the following:
    First occupancy licence obtained within the last 12 months for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022 and within 6 months from 2023 onwards.
    A loan amount not exceeding 750M€
    Purchase with reform of energy efficiency 50% of the renovation amount to be used for work on improving energy efficiency
    Energy rehabilitation of buildings
    Green Reforms 50% of the amount of the reform to be used for work on improving energy efficiency

    Download Green Bonds Result (PDF)