Loan for rehabilitating your building

We offer you the finance to carry out rehabilitation of your community of proprietors in an easy and simple way. A loan that will improve your home's energy efficiency.

A simple product for everyone

Renew your community facilities and protect your building. Save on energy consumption and improve the energy efficiency of your home and the community.

We finance the process of rehabilitation from the start, including the subsidy application process. You will obtain a proposal for a personalised loan with monthly repayments.


  • Granted to the Community of Proprietors and approved in the General Meeting of Residents.
  • The community is not required to change their bank
  • The residents do not assume any individual debt.
  • The work can begin while waiting to receive the subsidy
  • We support your community of proprietors throughout the whole rehabilitation process.

Coming to an agreement will be easy

The loan holder is the Community of Proprietors* represented by the Chairman as attested in the Minutes of the General Proprietors’ Meeting approved by the majority.

*It is not necessary for all the residents of the Community to decide to approve the credit.